Mainly known for selling aftermarket wheels, Wheel Warehouse also specializes in tires and suspension components for hundreds of applications. From lowering passenger cars to installing complete lift kits on trucks, our ASE Certified service technicians can get the job done. While we stock most of the main brands including H&R, Eibach, BC Racing, Bilstein, Icon, Pro Comp and more, Wheel Warehouse can get you whatever parts you're interested in.

You may ask, "why should I change the suspension on my vechicle?" Well, there are several reasons depending on whether you plan to lower or raise it - lowering a vehicle, whether it be with a basic springs kit or a more complex coilover kit, offers improved handling along with an improved look. Raising a vehicle, you'll have the option of going for a body lift, which doesn't affect the driveability of the vehicle but will give you a slight lift, or a suspension lift, which is a complete overhaul of the suspension, that will give you improved ride quality while also giving you extra clearance if you were to upgrade to a larger tire.