Every wheel on this site includes FREE SHIPPING throughout the Continental United States. If you are ordering a wheel/tire package, we will calculate the amount for shipping the combination package and then deduct the amount to ship the wheels only so you pay only for the extra cost of the tire shipment. We ship WORLD WIDE through a variety of carriers, so please consult your salesman for shipping charges on any such purchases. There are never any “handling” charges.

Being centrally located in the heart of the wheel industry, the vast majority of wheels presented on this site are available locally with the manufacturers if we don’t have them in stock when you place your order. We normally have drivers on the road at all times, so we are committed to shipping most orders within 2 business days following receipt of a paid order. Some wheels may require minor modifications for your particular vehicle, but our salesmen will have all of those answers for you in advance of the actual shipping commitment.

Every wheel comes to us in a box that originated from the factory, and almost all wheel factories are overseas. That means the box was prepared to survive shipping to the US via a container and often the final check for quality and accuracy was done by someone “over there” in that factory. We inspect every wheel before we take possession of it, and our standards are the highest in the industry. When the wheels get to our shipping department, we add extra packaging materials to do our very best to assure you they will arrive without damage. Similarly, our packaging of wheel/tire combinations is the best in the industry.

Because of our need to meet high standards for inspection and packaging, we DO NOT request drop shipments from our suppliers, as do many other online retailers. If we are unable to get your items locally and can save you time and/or money through a drop shipment, we will advise you in advance.