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Sure, you can order aftermarket wheels and/or tires online, and if you’re not local to us in Orange County, California we hope you will do so – FROM US. To try to convince you, please understand that our web presence is designed to “bring our showroom to you” wherever you are. (Of course if you are local, you really ought to check us out in person.)

This is NOT a self-serve-enter-your-vehicle-and-look-at-a-thousand options web site. Just as if you were here, we want to show you several concepts that are important in deciding on your wheel purchase. First, while most web sites are operated in small rooms without any product present, we invest in the most current and best-selling wheel brands and designs. If it’s not worth our investment, how can we convince you it’s worth yours? Of course we want you to shop and get an idea of the look and wheel color you think will best suit you and your ride. But we also want you to let us help you make your choice. To do so, we routinely meet with and work with the best wheel manufacturers to make sure their quality standards are maintained. As a team, we all look at each purchase to note which designs work best with which vehicles, and why. We put our display wheels alongside customer vehicles and encourage all of our shoppers to give their opinion. You’d be surprised how much all of us – customers and shoppers alike – learn in the process. We put a sample tire of each model we recommend so you can see the tread design and check out the important information on the sidewall that will help you understand which tire best suits your driving needs and habits.

If you are looking for OE replacement wheels or tires, they are also conveniently located in our showroom. On our other website ( you will notice that we list every flaw or sign of wear on used products, and we put the proof right out front to prove it to the local customers.

If you are a high-end customer, we simply cannot show you all of the options that are available in custom-designed wheels. So our high-end showroom provides a well-considered selection of the various finishes, lip sizes and special customization features. Then you can sit with one of our Sales experts and view the entire selection on a closed-circuit monitor also shown in the photo.

That brings us to the #1 feature of all – our Sales Team. We respect your taste, your willingness to take time to shop at all the available styles and colors and to make a selection of what best suits you. We simply add to that by offering the most experienced and professional salesmanship in the industry. We’ve seen all the trends come and go. We’ve set many of them right here. Just like with any other major purchase you make, we believe we can add to your selection with our vast knowledge and experience on style, quality, fitment and taste – with absolutely no extra service charge.

Come to the “2nd Happiest Place on Earth” and check us out. If you can’t make, we’ll come to you on these pages. Happy shopping.