Where are you located and what are your store hours?

We are located at 125 W. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA  92801. 
We are open Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM / Saturday 8:30AM-3:00PM / closed Sunday.

How do I enter my vehicle information on this web site?

You don’t.  If you want that shopping experience, please go to www.wheelwarehouseonline.com.  Think of this site more of an “online catalog” that presents most (but not all) of the brands we sell, our selected “Featured Wheels” of those brands, and information about our world famous store located in Southern California, the heart of the wheel industry.  It’s designed more for those who want the full service our sales staff provides in our store.

Can I make my purchase through the Shopping Cart?

Absolutely.  But first you will be in touch with one of our senior salesmen by email or telephone to discuss the exact fitment and availability of the wheels you want.  Then we will confirm with you the choice you have put into your Shopping Cart, or we’ll help you with that function as well as payment methods.  Please always make sure to let us know if you have modified your vehicle or if you intend to do so after making a wheel purchase.

Do you also sell tires?

WW sells most major national brand name tires and a small selection of the best budget brands currently available.  We want to help you make the best possible selection of tires based on our knowledge of your vehicle, your driving needs and your budget.  Tires are a lot more than round, black and as cheap as possible.  They should be chosen to give you the best driving experience and protect the safety and welfare of the occupants of the vehicle in adverse situations.

Can I purchase a wheel and tire “package” and have it shipped to me ready for install?

Yes, but there won’t be TPMS installed by us unless you also buy a new set of sensors.  We can provide aftermarket sensors with instructions for the readout unit to be activated on your dashboard, or we can provide a new set of approved OE sensors, in which case you may need to go to your car dealership for reactivation of your computerized system.

How much is the shipping to my location?

For any wheels shown on this site, shipping is free in the lower 48 states.  For a wheel and tire package, we charge you our cost to ship the goods, less  credit for the shipping you would have paid for a wheels-only purchase.  Otherwise, based on your selection we can estimate the additional cost to ship your purchase anywhere in the world, including Hawaii, Alaska or a military destination.

Speaking of military, is there a discount for those in service of our country?

WW fully supports our brave men and women stationed around the globe if they give us a military address for the shipment destination.  If you will be shopping in our store in Anaheim, bring your military ID with you at the time of purchase.  We will honor your service on our behalf with a special “friend-of-our-family” discount.

I’m familiar with a certain wheel brand (or model) and don’t see it here.  Can you help?

There are nearly 300 different brands in the aftermarket wheel industry and still a few new ones each year.  With a few notable exceptions, this site features only those suppliers who are located in Southern California so we can process your order as expeditiously as possible, but we also have excellent relations with some manufacturers located elsewhere.  Our model choices here reflect the most current designs with high availability, and particularly we present our staff choices based on their knowledge of quality, fitment and appearance.  If you don’t see what you want, call or email and ask us.  If it exists, we’ll find it for you.

Do you sell original equipment wheels or replica wheels?

Yes.  Visit our OE site at  www.socalwheels.com and search by vehicle to see our current inventory of OE wheels.  Our factory wheels are generally “take-offs”, meaning nearly new wheels that someone has replaced with aftermarket wheels.  We show the exact condition of those products.  For replica (copies of OE wheels in different sizes or fitment) wheels, call or email us.  We have several sources for those.

Do you provide “aggressive” fitments?

That’s one of our specialties.  We can help you with hella-flush, stretched-tire, offroad, maximum wheel-well fit, donk or basically any particular fitment.  Our senior sales staff averages more than 15 years of experience right here at our famous location.  We’ve probably seen and done it all.  And if we haven’t, we love the challenge.

I received a lower price quote from another store.  Do you price match?

As the very first wheel retail store in the world, we’ve seen a great many so-called “competitors” come and go because all they had to offer consumers was the lowest price on the planet.  We are constantly reviewing our prices to be competitive, and also to reflect our level of service and commitment to our “customer-for-life” philosophy.  That being said, if you have a legitimate final quote from a legitimate competitor, please share it with us and we will re-examine our quotation to you.  There may be something hidden, or something they missed, or maybe we just need to adjust to the legitimate marketplace.

How can I pay for my purchase?

For shipments to you we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.  We can accept bank wire transfers which may be beneficial to overseas customers (contact us for information).  In store, we also accept Cash and Debit Cards and we have outside “6 months-same-as-cash” financing available through G.E. Capital.