In the aftermarket wheel business, the sales department gets all the glory. Knowing the manufacturers and styles, understanding the specific fitment of each wheel model, following (or better, creating) the latest trends, understanding the customers’ expectations, and fitting the purchase into a budget is definitely an “art”. But when it comes to “science”, it’s the Service Department that comes to the forefront.

The Service Department at Wheel Warehouse starts with the most experienced staff in the industry. Our crew averages more than a decade each of experience right here. We have an in-house training program that is second-to-none. We use zinc tape-weights whenever possible, and we know how to place them behind the spokes or unobtrusively to keep them from detracting from the wheel appearance while assuring the best possible balance of the wheel/tire assembly. If after the first install the assembly requires too much weight to get into balance, we “index” or “match mount” or “180” the tire to reduce the amount of weight required to its minimum. We know all the correct lugs, hub rings and other accessories and we check and double-check all clearance issues – even on the most “aggressive” fitments.

We use the latest and most proven equipment from Hunter and Corghi, always selecting the best equipment for each particular install. All of our equipment is maintained on a routine basis. Our staff includes 3 certified mechanics for alignments and under-car suspension work.

If all that isn’t enough, we offer free maintenance on all tire purchases for the life of the tires. We want your tires to be in balance, properly rotated and aligned, your TPMS properly installed and verified, and have tire wear professionally monitored to keep you safe and help you get the best value out of every purchase.