Service Staff

Felix Castellanos
Years employed: 2006 - present
Specialty: ASE certified, Modern Muscle and aggressive fitments
Languages spoken: English and Spanish
Interests: Football, working out and customizing cars
Other: Flexing my muscles

Ralph Guerra
Years employed: 1993 - present
Specialty: ASE certified and TPMS services
Languages spoken: English and Spanish
Interests: Restoring hot rods, muscle cars, family time, and helping my son at drumline tournaments
Other: being able to work in multiple departments at Wheel Warehouse as well as working on special projects such as the '76 Chevrolet Impala (donk) and '69 Chevrolet Caprice that were debuted at the DUB Show and the SEMA Show, respectively . Ralph has also done some editorial work for Hot Rod, 4 Wheel Drive, and Euro Tuner magazines.

714.772.1281 [ext. 5120]

Max Jarquin
Years employed: 1992 - present
Specialty: ASE certified, high performance suspension work
Languages spoken: English and Spanish
Interests: Cars, soccer and football
Other: n/a

Fred Rayos
Years employed: 1993 - present
Specialty: Best servicetech evah! (except Brett Peters, of course!)
Languages spoken: Spanish and English
Interests: Special fitments and exotic cars
Other: I want to be in sales, put me in coach!

Christian Torres
Years employed: n/a
Specialty: n/a
Languages spoken: n/a
Interests: n/a
Other: n/a

Anthony Videtto
Years employed: 1997-2003 / 2011- present
Specialty: Lowering cars, installing lift kits and making your ride sweet.
Languages spoken: English, Hawai'ian Pigeon, Pig Latin
Interests: Surfing Maui. My Jeep off road. Time with my wife and son.
Other: Making Yablonka laugh (easy). Winning the Lotto (NOT easy).