• Before you take your product to your installer, verify that you have received what you ordered. Remove one of your lug nuts, and check the thread pitch on the hardware if purchased is a match, this will ensure that you have the correct hardware before you go to your installer and start the install process.
  • Before mounting tires on your wheels, check fit first, make sure they spin freely with no brake caliper clearance or other suspension interference issues. Note: Mounted wheels are not returnable.
  • Manufacturers Limited Warranty: All products are sold with the manufacturers limited warranty extended to the consumer. We will assist you with any claims you may have with the manufacturer, but you are limited to their terms and conditions. Shipping costs are at customers expense on all warranty issues.
  • Before you drive on tires or remove labels, check fit and make sure there are no fender clearance problems. Note: Tires can not be returned if driven on or labels removed.
  • Hand thread and hand torque all lug nuts - do not use air impact tools during the installation of your wheels.
  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) may require a reset by the auto dealership and will be at customer expense.
  • Errors in pricing: In the event a product is listed incorrectly due to typographical error or incorrect pricing provided to us by supplier, Wheel Warehouse shall reserve the right to cancel and refund any orders processed.
  • Photos on web site are general depiction of product and may not be exactly what you receive, your vehicle application may call for a size and offset different from the one pictured on our web site. Example: Pictured on web site might be a size 20x9 and you may order an 18x8, therefore may appear different than expected. Please consult our sales staff on this issue before ordering.