Vossen x Work VWS-3 -
Matte Silver

The Vossen x Work VWS-3 is designed and engineered by Vossen's in-house engineering team to meet and exceed TUV standards and manufactured in Osaka, Japan by Work Wheels. The Vossen x Work Series uses their two-piece welded configuration currently used on their Gnosis, Meister and Emotion series. The wheels utilize the latest low pressure casting center disks and flow forming barrel technology. The center disks are available in flat and deep concave profiles. The center disks are currently only offered in 19”. The barrels are offered in two configurations – flat lip 19” barrels for 19” wheels using 19” centers and step lip barrels for 20” wheels using the  same 19” centers. Therefore all 19” wheels will have flat lip barrels with standard spokes only and all 20” wheels will offer step lip barrels with standard or overlapping spokes, both utilizing the 19” center disks.