Black Rhino Peak -
Gloss Black w/ Machine Cut Face

$ 352.00

Peak truck wheels by Black Rhino . The Peak is a sleek six spoke with smooth accent lines in the center of each spoke. To add to the look each spoke rolls back with a nice concave to give that sporty feel. When you are looking at the top, reach for theí«í_Peak for your Truck and SUV. Available in 20äóÁ—�,22äóÁ—� in Matte Black or Gloss Black with a Mirror Cut Face. Each Black Rhino wheel is engineered to carry the heavy loads often associated with Trucks and SUVäóÁ—Ès. All wheels are either hub-centric or supplied with centering rings to ensure a smooth vibration free ride.í«í_Peak truck wheels by Black Rhino.

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