Chris Granger
Years employed: Management team member 1988 -1999, managing partner 2011 - present
Specialty: Factory wheels, custom fitments, operational flows, etc.
Languages spoken: French and English
Interests: Professional jet Pilot (ATP / Corporate,) Martial Arts (Judo, Sandan) and business development
Other: Traveling the world

714.772.1281 [ext. 5117]

Mark Singer
Years employed: 1995-2004 / 2011 - present
Specialty: Money. I collect it, count it, spend it, save it, love it.
Languages spoken: English and poker.
Interests: Anything that includes a deck of cards or a challenge.
Other: Wine and women. Not in that order.

714.772.1281 [ext. 5127]

Mike Yablonka
Years employed: 2003 - present
Specialty: Factory wheels
Languages spoken: English
Interests: Cars, surfing, bowling and guitars
Other: Business and people

714.772.1281 [ext. 5100]